Early Childhood Health (Pre-K)

Michigan Model logoThe Michigan Model for Early Childhood Health™ Pre-K curriculum offers early childhood educators a resource that contains engaging and age-appropriate health activities. Establishing positive health habits at a young age increases the likelihood that a healthy lifestyle will be maintained throughout life.

A strong foundation for the Michigan Model for Health™ (MMH) K-12 curriculum is provided when the Pre-K curriculum activities are implemented with suggested classroom activities and connected to children's real-life experiences. The Pre-K health curriculum emphasizes family involvement and provides a building block to effective skills-based health instruction.

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Social & Emotional Health

Targets the concepts and skills for identifying feelings, recognizing personal space, problem-solving, belonging to a family, friendship, and school meal time manners.


Personal Health & Wellness

Contains activities on proper tooth care and handwashing, exploring the concept of germs and preventing the spread of germs, and procedures using the bathroom at school.


Physical Activity & Nutrition

Contains activities for a balanced diet, trying new foods, and the importance of drinking water and physical movement.



Addresses safety at school and home, in the car and in the neighborhood or outside environment.

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