Announcing the New Michigan Model for Health Portal for Teachers and Educators

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We are happy to announce the launch of our new Michigan Model For Health™ website portal for teachers, educators, and curriculum coordinators!

Since the launch of the new digital format for the K-12 health curriculum in 2020, once again, the MMH Program continues to evolve to meet the online needs of its health education partners. The MMH Portal is a one stop shop for all partner needs to access the digital curriculum and online resources.

The portal was created in response to new MMH resources released including a revamped online training module to support MMH implementation in the classroom. In addition, the changes incorporate teacher and health coordinator feedback to improve the navigation and security to access protected content and data within the MMH digital platform.

MMH Portal Page

After 7pm on October 26, 2022, all partners who have an account in the website will see the new MMH Portal page.

Mobile Menu Update

The mobile menu will be updated with a top link to the MMH Portal page.

MMH Portal Announcement Flyer

The Model for Healthy Kids

The Michigan Model for HealthTM is a nationally recognized, research-based comprehensive and sequential Pre-K through 12th grade health education curriculum. The MMH curriculum aims to give school-aged children and youth the knowledge and skills needed to practice and maintain healthy behaviors and lifestyles. It provides age-appropriate lessons addressing the most serious health challenges facing school children and youth.

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