The Michigan Model for Health™ (MMH) facilitates learning through a variety of interactive teaching and learning techniques. Skill development through demonstration and guided practice is emphasized resulting in the development of positive lifestyle behaviors for students and families. 

The MMH Curriculum is designed for teachers and educators to implement as a component of the core school curriculum, with each of the lessons lasting 15-45 minutes in length. Furthermore, some lessons include activities to facilitate parental and family involvement beyond the classroom. The curriculum can be implemented in public, private, or alternative schools.

Michigan Model for Early Childhood Health™ (MMECH) (Pre-K)

Michigan Model logoThe Michigan Model for Early Childhood Health™ (MMECH) (Pre-K) activity module offers early childhood educators a resource that contains a set of age-appropriate, health activities. Establishing positive health habits at a young age increases the likelihood that a healthy lifestyle will be maintained throughout life.

A strong foundation for the Michigan Model for Health™ (MMH) K-12 curriculum is provided when the early childhood module activities are implemented with suggested classroom activities and connected to children's real life experiences. The MMECH module emphasizes family involvement and provides a building block to effective skills-based health instruction.

The Michigan Model for Early Childhood Health™ (Pre-K) curriculum includes the following four units:

  • Social & Emotional Health Unit targets these concepts and skills: identifying feelings in self and others, recognizing personal space, problemsolving, belonging to a family, understanding the qualities of friendship, and using meal time manners at school.
  • Physical Activity and Nutrition Unit contains activities covering: a balanced diet, trying new foods, the importance of drinking water, and the importance of physical movement.
  • Safety Unit addresses safety at school and home, in the car and in the neighborhood or outside environment.
  • Personal Health & Wellness Unit contains activities on proper tooth care and handwashing as well as exploring the concept of germs and preventing the spread of germs when coughing, sneezing and blowing noses. The procedure of using the bathroom at school is also emphasized.

To purchase MMH curriculum, Michigan educators, contact your School Health Coordinator and out-of-state educators, contact the Michigan Model for Health Clearinghouse.  To view MMH middle school curriculum and support materials, click on the button link.

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