Middle School (7-8)

The Michigan Model for Health™ (MMH) facilitates learning through a variety of interactive teaching and learning techniques. Skill development through demonstration and guided practice is emphasized resulting in the development of positive lifestyle behaviors for students and families. 

The MMH middle school curriculum is designed for health education teachers to implement as a component of the core school curriculum, with each of the lessons lasting approximately 45 minutes in length. Furthermore, some lessons include activities to facilitate parental and family involvement beyond the classroom. The curriculum can be implemented in public, private, or alternative schools.

Michigan Model for Health™ Middle School (7-8)

The Michigan Model for HealthTM Middle School Curriculum (Grades 7-8) addresses the major youth health risk behaviors identified by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  The middle school curriculum is organized by five health topic modules that cover the following six main health topics.  Each health topic module consists of one teacher manual with fully-scripted lesson plans, teacher resources, and support materials.

purple-icon-SEH.gifSocial & Emotional Health

green-icon-NPA.gifNutrition & Physical Activity


teal-icon-TOB-AOD.gifAlcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs

orange-icon-HIV.gifHIV/AIDS & Other STIs


The Michigan Model for HealthTM Grades 7-8 curriculum is available in digital and print formats by health topic module. The curriculum is developed with user-friendly instructions to help teachers prepare to teach the lessons in each unit.  All lessons are formatted similarly to include: lesson objectives and correlation with Michigan and National Health Education Standards, time and materials chart, preparation tasks, tips, and lesson procedure. 

The Michigan Model for HealthTM middle school curriculum is a CASEL Promising Program approved for Grades 7-8. The evaluation supported program effectiveness and found that compared to students in the comparison group students who participated in the program reported lower frequencies of using drugs and alcohol at post-test.

Digital Curriculum

The Michigan Model for HealthTM middle school digital curriculum format includes HTML lessons that are mobile-friendly with links to streamed videos and online teacher resources.


Print Curriculum

The Michigan Model for HealthTM middle school print curriculum format includes a three-ring print binder and a travel flash drive of electronic teacher resources.
Middle School  MMH Print Binders image Grades 7 to 8 - Social Emotional Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Tobacco, HIV and Nutrition and Physical Activity

Teacher Resources

  • streaming videos
  • student worksheets (available in Google and PDF)
  • pre-/post-assessments (available in Google and PDF)
  • teacher keys
  • teacher references
  • family resource sheets
  • teacher slides (available in MS PowerPoint and PDF)
  • assessment rubrics and/or checklists (available in MS Word and PDF)
  • website resources

Hands-On Support Materials

Instructional Support Materials are available to support classroom instruction of health lessons and can include: attractive full-color laminated posters, activity card sets, informational pamphlets, and DVD videos.  Complete middle school grade level and health topic kits can be purchased or materials can be purchased separately.

MMH middle school support materials kit example with posters, pamphlets, card sets and bag

Purchase MMH Curriculum & Support Materials

The middle school curriculum can be purchased individually by grade level or within digital curriculum bundles.  School-wide and district-wide pricing discounts may also be available.  To purchase MMH curriculum, Michigan educators, contact your School Health Coordinator and out-of-state educators, contact the Michigan Model for Health Clearinghouse.  To view MMH middle school curriculum and support materials, click on the button link.

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