Elementary (K-6)

The Michigan Model for HealthTM (MMH) program facilitates learning through a variety of interactive teaching and learning techniques. Skill development through demonstration and guided practice is emphasized resulting in the development of positive lifestyle behaviors for students and families.

Educator Curriculum Content

  • fully-scripted lesson plans
  • lesson objectives
  • national and state health education standards
  • implementation guidance
  • teacher resources (streamed videos, student worksheets, assessments, family resources, etc.)
  • support materials (posters, games, books, etc.)

laptop tablet and mobile phone photo with MMH elementary school digital teacher manual

Explore MMH Subjects

The MMH program grades K-6 curriculum is designed for teachers and educators to implement as a component of the core school curriculum, with each of the lessons lasting 15-45 minutes in length.

Social & Emotional

Students develop skills on self-awareness, social awareness, relationships, interpersonal communication, and decision-making by learning how to manage strong feelings and stress, resolve conflicts, problem-solve, and maintain positive relationships.

Nutrition & Physical

Students develop skills on self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, goal setting, and accessing information by learning how to select nutritious foods and drinks and the importance of being physically active and ways to promote exercise.

Alcohol, Tobacco &
Other Drugs

Students develop skills on self-management, interpersonal communication, influences on behavior and relationships by learning substance misuse prevention refusal skills, ways to get help, and the facts and dangers of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

Personal Health & Wellness

Students develop skills on self-awareness, social awareness, goal setting, and analyzing influences on behavior and relationships by learning positive personal hygiene habits, and preventing the spread of germs.


Students develop skills on self-management, self-awareness, and accessing information by learning safety rules and strategies on avoiding personal injury or harm to oneself or others at school, home, or other environments.

HIV & Other STIs

Contains one lesson for grades 4-5 and students develop skills on self-awareness and social awareness by learning how HIV is and is not transmitted, and how to prevent infection, and how to be a friend to someone living with HIV or AIDS.


CASEL Evidence-based Program

The Michigan Model for HealthTM elementary curriculum is a CASEL SELect Program recognized for Grades K-6. The evaluation supported evidence of program effectiveness with the outcome of increased positive social behavior, reduced conduct problems, and substance abuse prevention.

Hands-on Classroom Kits

Instructional, hands-on classroom kits contain complete lesson activities and they are organized per grade level K-6 which can include: attractive full-color laminated posters, colorful bulletin board sets, game and activity card sets, informational pamphlets, books, models and DVD videos.  Complete grade level kits or individual products can be purchased.

MMH elementary school support materials kit example with posters, pamphlets, card sets and bag

Purchase Curriculum

The elementary educator curriculum can be purchased individually by grade level or within discounted digital curriculum bundles.  District pricing discounts may be available. To purchase MMH curriculum, Michigan educators, contact your School Health Coordinator and out-of-state educators, contact the Michigan Model for Health Clearinghouse

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