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Leveraging the full potential of the MMH K-12 digital curriculum just became even easier!

New Online Help Center

A new Digital License Manager Help Center has been developed to further support health coordinators and educators to easily manage and distribute Michigan Model for Health™  digital curriculum licenses to teachers across their schools and districts.

  • Easily assign or reassign K-12 curriculum licenses for teachers
  • Generate license reports by district, school or other location data
  • Access online training and our dedicated support team

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"As the MMH continues to grow in the digital world, so does the ability to provide on-demand training for teachers and ease with digital license management, ultimately saving time and money.  Technical support and assistance for the MMH continues to expand making implementation a breeze."

~ Angela Blood Starr, Regional School Health Coordinator, Calhoun ISD

On-demand Training Course for Teachers

The Michigan Model for Health™ online training course gives Pre-K through 12th grade teachers confidence in their ability to implement MMH’s skills-based health education instruction. 

The course is designed as an interactive, self-paced training with a duration of 1 to 1.5 hours in length and contains video teaching examples, demonstrations, and role playing applicable to both new and previously trained educators.

MMH Online Training Course

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