Evidence-based Health Education

Curriculum Pre-K to 12

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Invest in a Healthy Future with MMH - teacher with kids in classroom
illustration to teacher with laptop computer emphasizing MMH digital curriculum

The certified Michigan Model for Health is nationally recognized and used by school districts in 38+ states.

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MMH meets State of Michigan and National Health Education Standards

  • Core Concepts
  • Decision Making
  • Social Skills
  • Advocacy
  • Influences on Health
  • Goal Setting
  • Access Information
  • Health Behaviors

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The MMH health curriculum meets Michigan's schools and districts needs by focusing on:

Substance Misuse Prevention

Through building self-discipline, problem solving, goal setting, and responsible decision-making skills, students confidently and effectively manage risky behavior choices.

School Climate

Peer and social relationship skills are built with practice on clear communication, cooperation, conflict resolution, and social awareness.

Family Engagement

Families are connected with resource sheets and at-home engagement opportunities to reinforce supportive, caring relationships.

Positive Outcomes for Students When Teaching MMH

illustration of teacher with group of students emphasizing that Positive Health Outcomes occur for students when teaching MMH
  • Stronger drug refusal skills (including opioid prevention)
  • Less reported alcohol and tobacco use
  • Better interpersonal communication skills
  • Better self-management skills and less reported aggression
  • Stronger social and emotional skills
  • Improved pro-safety and physical activity and nutrition skills

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Created in Michigan for School Districts

  • Effective skills-based health education
  • Affordable curriculum offering bundle licensing
  • Comprehensive lesson content across PreK to 12
  • Aligns with Whole Child (WSCC) model
  • Free online training and implementation support
illustration of teacher with laptop computer emphasizing MMH K-12 digital curriculum