New Notification Center Launched

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Welcome to the MMH Notification Center

Keeping Connected With Our Teachers and Curriculum Coordinators Is Our Top Priority

We have launched a new Notification Center within the Michigan Model for Health™ website portal!  This new feature helps the MMH Program to keep in better contact with teachers and curriculum coordinators on:

  • PreK to 12 health education curriculum updates
  • New instructional tools
  • Other new improvements and system updates

The goal of the notification center is to help educators save time, keep organized, and stay informed while implementing the MMH curriculum.

Notifications are accessed at the top of the page by clicking the bell icon for educators to read, save, or clear messages.

Notification Center screenshot

The new Notification Center was developed at the request of MMH educators to provide an alternative way to view program and curriculum updates and to conveniently view a notification history, allowing educators to scroll back and see what they may have missed. 

The Model for Healthy Kids

The Michigan Model for HealthTM is a nationally recognized, research-based comprehensive and sequential Pre-K through 12th grade health education curriculum. The MMH curriculum aims to give school-aged children and youth the knowledge and skills needed to practice and maintain healthy behaviors and lifestyles. It provides age-appropriate lessons addressing the most serious health challenges facing school children and youth.

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